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Netflix just got a major overhaul

The world's most popular movie-streaming service is making some big changes. Some users are already seeing Netflix' huge facelift. For the first time in four years, the company has updated its website to integrate a fresh new design and more seamless user interface.

The visual difference between the old site and the new one is obvious, but the way the site works behind the scenes has been updated, too. Netflix has made the website work more like an app now, so you don't have to click through to different pages every time you want to watch a movie, read show descriptions or look at reviews.

Now you can seamlessly scroll through movies and TV shows. If you hover your mouse over a title, you will see photos of the show and a short description. If you click on that movie or TV show, a larger detail box will embed in the page. From there, you can play the title, read a larger description and access tabs for Episodes, Trailers, More Like This and Episodes.

These updates should make navigating the Netflix site easier and quicker than ever before. Netflix even updated the scrolling feature on its rows so that you can advance through a full row with one click.

NetflixThe new Netflix website update offers a more streamlined experience.

You may not have access to the new Netflix site right away, because it could take up to two weeks for the update to reach all users. You may also need to update your browser to view the new site.

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