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This little sticker knows when you're getting a sunburn

This little sticker knows when you're getting a sunburn
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Harmful exposure to the sun may be a thing of the past with the introduction of this cool invention. A patch, the size of a nicotine patch, can now tell you if you've spent too much time out in the hot summer sun. With the summer months now upon us, it may be here at the perfect time.

Developers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, or RMIT, in Australia created the patch to help end the cycle of dangerous tanning and skin cancer. This patch is stretchable and includes a sensor that can tell when you've had too much UV exposure. The patch would then send a message to linked-up electronics that it's time to protect yourself  by heading indoors.

UV rays are the harmful sun rays that can lead to sun cancer, premature age spots and early skin wrinkling. A Ph.D. researcher for the project, Philipp Gutruf, told Mashable Australia that stretchable, wearable gadgets are the new wave of technology that consumers should expect.

"Hard, rigid devices are no good," Gutruf said. "It would be a lot more elegant if you could wear your smartphone, for example. This is where the future is going." The patch would be completely transparent so you could stick it on your skin, or you could add it to your outfit by slapping it on your purse or watch.

Sun protection is not the only thing that Gutruf and his team are experimenting with. They have also designed a patch that can pick up on levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide, components that often make up smoggy conditions.

This type of patch would be able to alert you when you've been exposed to smoggy air for too long and would send an alert to your smartphone or tablet.

Are exposure sensors the wave of the future or do you think they're just going to be a quickly fading fad? What do you think is going to come of this technology? Let me know by leaving a note in the comment section below.

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