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Important email update has a TON of new features

Important email update has a TON of new features
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Thunderbird is already a solid email program that's popular with lots of users, but Mozilla just introduced a massive new update that's making it even better. Download the 38.0.1 update now to take advantage of security patches, bug fixes and some cool new tools.

Thunderbird fans will notice a few major changes immediately. First, Mozilla has decided to integrate the popular calendar add-on Lightning right into Thunderbird's calendar. Lightning allows you to create to-do lists, manage several calendars and even share calendars with others.

Mozilla has also added Yahoo Messenger support to Thunderbird's chat feature. Previously, the Thunderbird Chat only supported Facebook, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter and XMPP.

Thunderbird's latest update also includes a filter for the Sent and Archived folders. Now users can easily search and sort messages in those folders, so they can find old sent emails or move them to different folders. Mozilla also improved the global search feature in the address book.

Mozilla also integrated Google's OAuth 2 authentication protocol in the new update. That means it will be easier for you to use your Google accounts in Thunderbird.

To take advantage of these new features, you need to update to the latest version of Thunderbird. The program is set to check for updates automatically by default. If there are updates available, a box will pop up to show you the details. Just click OK to update.

If you disabled the automatic update checking feature, you can manually check for updates by clicking Thunderbird on the menu bar and selecting About Thunderbird.

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