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Hidden Google Docs danger

Hidden Google Docs danger

Google Docs is an easy-to-use document platform that lets you create and share documents right through your Web browser without having to purchase software like Microsoft Word. But, are those documents safe? A new Google Chrome extension could let anyone see your entire Google Docs revision history, even if they don't have editing permission on the document.

Since May 2010, any document created with Google Docs has automatically contained a detailed history of revisions.

Normally, only users with editing permission can see your revision history on a document. You can give another user editing permission using the blue "Share" box in the upper right corner of the document screen. You can share with another person by entering their email address and selecting "Can Edit," "Can Comment" or "Can View."

But, with the Draftback extension, anyone can look at your revisions, regardless of the permissions you granted them. That means a prospective employer could potentially see edits or fibs on resume you sent to them.

The best way to protect your Google Docs from prying eyes is to Copy the finished text from the original Google Docs document and paste it into a new document before sharing. That way, there will be no revisions associated with the new document.

While Draftback can be used to sneak a peek at your revision history, that wasn't the reason it was created. Developer James Somers created it to "shed light on the art of writing," according to Daily Mail.

'Imagine what a high school English teacher could do with that,' he said.

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Source: Daily Mail
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