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Cleveland's bullpen sold Brandon Moss' 100th homerun ball. Guess who bought it?

Cleveland's bullpen sold Brandon Moss' 100th homerun ball. Guess who bought it?
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If you follow baseball at all, you might have heard the story about Brandon Moss' 100th career home run. It's one of the funnier stories to come out of the game so far this season.

Normally, when a major milestone is reached in baseball, it's not uncommon to trade for the priceless piece of memorabilia. For example, Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball sold for $450,000 at auction. While that's an extreme example, it's not uncommon for a player to give an autograph or a jersey for the sentimental ball, bat, whatever the case may be.

Moss' teammates in the Cleveland Indians bullpen decided to apply this principal to his 100th home run ball ... only they went about it in an unconventional way. They left a ransom note in his locker after the game demanding the latest Apple products including a few iPhone 6s, new MacBook Airs, and a round of Apple Watches.

So if Moss ever wanted to see his noteworthy ball again, he needed to pay up, big time.


Moss eventually got his ball back, but he's not the one who paid the ransom. You won't believe who did.

Tim Cook!

The Apple CEO heard word of the ransom and the ball was sent to California, just in time for the WWDC. Then at the WWDC, Cook displayed the ransom note and announced that Apple would pay the ransom.

Bullpen member Scott Atchison told Cleveland.com:

"It was done as a joke, everything on there," Atchison said. "It just so happened I guess after you look at it, it's all Apple products. We're all very thankful to Apple for doing that. It was kind of cool hearing about it. It was more about the celebration of Moss hitting his 100th home run. It was a surprise. We weren't setting out by any means to actually get anything. We have a lot of time on our hands in the bullpen and it sounded like a good idea so we threw it together to have a little fun to keep people loose."

So the entire prank was all in light-hearted fun and Moss wasn't mad at all.

"What was so funny about the list," Moss said, "is, I was like, 'Guys, all these things have been out for, like, six years. How do you not have any of this stuff?'"

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