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This Google app just got way cooler and way creepier

This Google app just got way cooler and way creepier

I use my voice command for everything! You may not know that Google has been driving the future of voice command technology for years. Google's version of Siri, known as Google Now, is a super smart function for both Android and Apple devices that lets users ask their smart gadget whatever they can think of, with surprisingly accurate results.

Google Now can already tell you how long it will take to drive to your favorite spots, sports scores you might be interested in, shows you may enjoy based on the what you're currently watching (that's right - Google is listening to you), weather based on your location and so much more.

It may be hard to believe, but this voice command system just got a new update that makes your smartphone even more aware of its surroundings. It's fascinating but also a little creepy.

This new feature is called Location Aware Search and it does exactly what you think it would. With Location Aware Search, you can now ask Google to tell you about the building you are in or near without naming it. These questions can be anything from the hours of your favorite doughnut shop to how tall the actual doughnut shop building is.

 You also can ask Google Now what a building is, when it was built and other historical information about a given building. Say you're in a museum and can't remember the name of it. Simply ask Google Now, "What is this museum?" Google will produce an answer in seconds with additional information about the museum you're standing in.

Google staff announced the launch of the update quietly during an event in France. According to reports on websites like reddit, it's already activated and ready to go for Google users in the United States.

Development of voice command and location services has been the topic of debate for years and it's going to get even more heated with this new feature by Google. Location Aware Search can be incredibly helpful but users can feel like their online privacy is even more invaded than usual.

What do you think? Is this Google feature too much or just enough? I want to know what you think about Location Aware Search so leave me a note below in the comments section.

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