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Warning: Beware new Facebook health scam

Warning: Beware new Facebook health scam
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Getting healthy, feeling better and living longer are serious issues. That's why it's so frustrating when you see those online ads for health gimmicks that are so clearly scams. "Click here to lose 5 pounds in two hours," "Kim K uses this and you should too" - aggravating ads like that can make you want to give up on pursuing a healthy lifestyle altogether. But for your sake, and for your family, I sincerely hope you never give up on trying to be healthy!

That's why I want you to know about this new Facebook scam that takes false advertising to a new, twisted low. It pretends to be a post from one of your Facebook friends, bragging about some great health secret. The scam will appear as a post from your friend written in a sentence that is close to complete gibberish, stating something like, "successfully results in this particular health solution."

Then your "friend" will post an second item on your timeline with a link to an ad, often adding words like "hehe" or "haha" to the post to make it seem like they forgot to attach the link in the first post. If you recognize this as a scam, then great job!

If you do click the link, don't worry. You're not in the weeds yet. The link will take you to a fake BBC webpage with a story about the wonders of a certain acai berry formula that is sure to make you lose weight quickly. Hackers and online thieves love to get people on the hook by promoting acai berry products, so if you see anything like that in the future, just know it's most likely a scam.

If you reach the main ad page, don't buy anything! The whole page is fake and hackers have riddled it with booby-traps and bugs. Listen to your computer if a warning pop-up appears and exit out of the site immediately.

Entering any bank account information can lead hackers directly to your checking account and you can be dealing with a huge issue with just a few clicks of the wrong button. Luckily, the site advertises their acai product in British currency so that is another sign that you should walk away.fake-bbc-10001

Clicking through this page can also take you to more damaging pages with even more destructive viruses and hacker traps. Certain links on the page are rigged with code that installs malware on your gear without your permission when you click on them.

This problem is scary and can open all of your online information to hackers. Share this article to spread the word about this sly scam and avoid all Facebook posts about acai just to be safe. The Internet can be a dangerous place, but I'm here 24/7 to keep you in the know.

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