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Is this ring the ultimate commitment or the ultimate invasion of privacy?

Is this ring the ultimate commitment or the ultimate invasion of privacy?
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Marriage is the biggest commitment you can make. It's a lifelong pledge to love, honor and respect your spouse. The ring is a symbol of that unending pledge. I never take mine off! But this one? Read this story and consider whether you would ever put it on.

A British jeweler has designed an engagement ring that symbolizes everlasting love. But just in case the groom-to-be needs a little more assurance about his lady's honor, the ring is rigged complete with a tracking device so he can know what his fiancée is up to at all times. Steve Bennett, the CEO of Gemporia Jewellery, told the DailyMail, "The implications are limitless. This could be the end to baseless jealousy and unfair accusations; this ring could safeguard the institution of marriage."

This kooky engagement ring, dubbed the "fidelity ring," could also do some serious damage to a relationship. Think of the birthday surprises that would be spoiled by constantly monitoring your spouse or the tension that could erupt after your wife finds out her favorite ring is actually a GPS gadget!

Bennett explained that the main reason behind developing the 007, spy-like technology was not for keeping tabs on your spouse at all. It was actually created as a possible solution for theft and loss prevention. He told Daily Mail, "The idea came to me as I was thinking of ways to ensure the safe-keeping of jewellery. Our collections include some highly valuable pieces and some added insurance is of course always welcome."

Gemporia Jewellery used current Bluetooth and GPS technology to give real-time location data to the watchful eye of your significant other. The Bluetooth chip is hidden away under the stone of the ring and is hardly noticeable once the stone is mounted on top of the chip.

Bennett has already designed two different prototypes, one with a massive square-cut diamond (featured below) and the other with a violet marquise-cut diamond. Both are fitted with the Bluetooth chip and can track the people who wear them to the ends of the earth.

With the "fidelity ring" garnering a surprising amount of popularity, Bennett plans to put GPS devices in many more styles of jewelry. The next big plan for Gemporia is to develop a collection of children's jewelry so parents can keep an eye on their kids. Parents could make sure their children get to school safely or are at the slumber party they say they are. This is an untapped market that is just waiting to explode.

How do you feel about this James Bond-like engagement ring? Theft prevention does make sense but do the security benefits outweigh the creepy downsides? Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below!

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