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Extremely tricky phishing scheme will take over your smartphone or tablet

Extremely tricky phishing scheme will take over your smartphone or tablet
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Do you use your smartphone or tablet to check your email? It's probably one of the main things you do on your gadget. But hackers can now take advantage of a security flaw to take over some gadgets just by sending you a very convincing pop-up message.

Now we know there is a security hole in Apple iPhone and iPad email apps that has gone unfixed by Apple for months. The bug could affect millions of Apple users, can seriously damage your gear and open your accounts to thieves. This nasty little bug goes into your Apple-provided email client, Mail, and forces a pop-up message that looks identical to legitimate pop-ups displayed by Apple gadgets themselves.

Once the email is opened, the hacker can get into your iPhone or iPad. The even scarier thing about this phishing scheme is that the hackers can adjust the pop-up message to ask you for whatever credentials they want. This could be anything from your email account's password to the answer to a security question so they can override your existing password.

This bug is more serious than any one before it since it has the capability to mimic the typical iCloud verification prompts. And the weirdest part about this all? We know who created the tool that allows hackers into the emails of millions of iOS Mail users.

Jan Soucek, a security researcher, first noticed the bug when the 8.1.1 version of iOS Mail was released. He sent Apple a report with his findings and waited for it to act. After months of no repair on Apple's part, Soucek decided to unleash the phishing tool that can devastate millions of users to get Apple's attention.

There is no good news coming from Camp Apple so far. All we can do to avoid devious hackers is assume that every single pop-up message that shows up while using Mail is some sort of phishing scam. If something does pop up that you are unsure about, press the home button twice and exit out of Mail. This will temporarily stop hackers from prompting you for information.

I'll keep you updated on any solution Apple comes up with. I hope Apple takes the hint and fixes the issue before it becomes a massive problem! Apple users, let me what's happening on your Mail app by writing in the comments section below.

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