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Have you seen these new Amazon boxes yet?

Have you seen these new Amazon boxes yet?
Photo courtesy of LA Times

Just when you thought advertising couldn't possibly target you anywhere else, now they pop up somewhere new. This time, Amazon is hitting close to home, quite literally! The massive online store is experimenting with a new shipping box that puts advertisers right on your doorstep.

Last week, Amazon sent out boxes that featured the tiny yellow creatures every child loves, the Minions from "Despicable Me," to promote their own upcoming "Minions" movie. These boxes were shipped around the country, and the concept of advertising on boxes is getting mixed reviews. But it's easy to see the booming future in this practically untouched advertising space.

Companies like FedEx, UPS and even the United States Postal Service could make some big bucks by slapping ads on the sides of their boxes. Events like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards could be promoted limitlessly, resulting in millions of dollars of new revenue for the shipping companies.

Many people within the marketing industry like the idea of advertising on boxes, but only in small doses. Rob Carll, the chief marketing officer of major ad agency, told AdWeek, "I can see Amazon doing this with special events, of which Minions is one. I think the effect would wear thin if Amazon did this regularly."

Amazon has sweetened the deal for customers who are sour about getting an ad right at their front door. The website is now awarding a $1,000 Amazon gift card to one lucky person who poses with the bright yellow box on social media, as a part of its hashtag contest. Amazon also added a huge promotional deal for Minion products on its site.

This ad campaign comes at the perfect time for Amazon, as a sort of distraction from Wal-Mart's new project. Wal-Mart is poised to launch its own ShippingPass subscription that costs just half the price of Amazon Prime and comes with a few of its own perks. Wal-Mart's new deal includes three-day guaranteed free shipping with no minimum purchase required.

You get bombarded by ads all day, every day. Do you think that Amazon's new marketing tool is bound to be a success or are you already over it? Let me know what you're thinking  by leaving me a note in the comments section below.

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