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Don't miss Apple's big news today

Mac users will soon get an all-new operating system. On the heels of Apple's current OS X Yosemite, Mac's new system is dubbed OS X El Capitan. Apple says it will be offered as a free upgrade for users this fall.

Mac OSX system

The new Mac software offers a ton of handy improvements for easier, faster use. In addition to the clever additions, Apple promises some dramatic speed improvements and longer battery life. Apps within OS X, like the browser Safari and Apple's email program, Mac Mail, also have some neat tricks built in. Taken individually, few if any of the changes are headline grabbers.

For instance, lose your cursor on a busy screen? Jiggle your mouse and it shows up 10 times bigger. Stumble upon a website blasting unwanted music or audio? Instantly identify which tab is offending and mute it without muting your entire system. Based on a number of these kinds of new features displayed, I'm looking forward to downloading OS X El Capitan when it becomes available.

Mobile gadget improvements

The operating system for iPhones and iPads will get a big overhaul this fall with the free upgrade to iOS 9. If you recall the bungled rollout of iOS 8 that crashed phones and was too big for many users to download, Apple seems to have learned a valuable lesson. For folks with older iPhones and iPads, Apple has slimmed down the installation file to less than 2GB. That should minimized the panicked deletion of photos, music and apps to open up storage space on your gadget that so many folks experienced with iOS 8 when updating your old device to the new OS.

On a practical level, there’s a new low-power mode in iOS 9 that could help you stretch out your battery life for an extra three hours. When your juice starts running low, just switch into power-saver mode until you can charge up.

Included in iOS 9 is a new service called News. News will help you pull together on one screen news that's interesting to you from anywhere in the world. You can follow more than a million topics. News will learn from the stories you read to bring you even more news you might not find otherwise.

Apple News

Apple turned upside down the concept of mobile gadgets just 8 years ago with the first generation iPhone. One of the biggest game changers for mobile gadgets was Apple's App Store. App Store lets you search and find apps to help your iPhone or iPad do nearly anything. Today, Apple announced the App Store has passed 100 BILLION app downloads. How many apps do you have? Apple says the average number of apps per user is 119.

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