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HTC made a funny mistake with this solid gold smartphone

To celebrate the final Champions League match of the UEFA football season (soccer for us Americans), phone manufacturer HTC introduced a 24-karat gold version of its flagship One M9 smartphone. The phone is very shiny, as you would expect, and has information about the final match, between FC Barcelona and Juventus, engraved on the back.

There's no price or availability information for the phone, and other than the gold exterior it's a standard HTC One M9. So, why is the Internet making such a big deal about it?

To show off the phone, HTC uploaded three pictures to Twitter. It's one of those pictures that caught some attention. See if you can spot why. (Hint: It's at the bottom of the right phone.)

Gold HTC One M9
via Venturebeat

Well, yeah, they misused "ct." - which stands for "carat" - which is used for diamonds and precious stones, not gold. That's "karat."

Besides that, though, down in the right corner of the photo, you can just make out the reflection of the smartphone taking the picture.

The problem is that it isn't an HTC smartphone. In fact, the shape, camera placement and what appears to be a logo point toward it being an iPhone. How embarrassing is that?

HTC seems to agree as it quickly pulled that photo and just left the other two that were not obviously taken with a competitor's product.

Do you think a 24-karat smartphone is elegant or tacky? Let me know in the comments.

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