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Secret details about Microsoft Wi-Fi leak!

Secret details about Microsoft Wi-Fi leak!
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Microsoft is changing in some surprising ways this year. Between the upcoming Windows 10 and its free upgrade offer, the death of Internet Explorer, the innovative Hololens, Windows Phone running Android apps, and other moves, Microsoft is sounding more like Google or Apple.

Now, we've just had a leak of another new Microsoft project. The website for it, microsoftwifi.com, went live before it was supposed to. Microsoft pulled it down fast, but not before we learned a few things.

The general idea with Microsoft WiFi is that no matter where you go, your phone connects to a local supported Wi-Fi hotspot. Microsoft says it's rounded up 10 million hotspots in 130 countries.

This is similar to Google Fi, which is Google's low-cost cellular plan that seamlessly switches between available cell networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. Microsoft WiFi, however, seems to stick exclusively with Wi-Fi.

You just need to have the Microsoft WiFi app on your gadget to make it work. And it will work on Android, Apple andWindows Phone, as well as Macs and PCs.

To start, the service won't be available to everyone. You'll need to be a Skype Wi-Fi subscriber, part of a company that uses Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise or get an invitation from Microsoft to join.

Long term, it seems like anyone can sign up, but it will be a paid service. No idea yet on how much it will cost, or how it will deal with the security problems of being on public Wi-Fi. However, for travelers trying to save on their cellular data bill, it could be a game changer.

Does this sound like a service you'd use? Let me know in the comments.

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