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Google records and saves your voice

Google records and saves your voice
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Voice-controlled technology is all the rage now, used in everything from smartphones to computers to cars. And it's no wonder. What could be easier than skipping the keyboard and simply speaking to your gadget? Google is right in the middle of the push for more voice-controlled functionality with apps like Google Now and OK Google.

It's old news that Google's entire business model is based on giving you free services, and then selling to advertisers and marketers data about how you use those services. For instance, Google tracks and records your online searches and shopping purchases to help advertisers better target you with ads for products you might be interested in.

So it should be no surprise that Google is also tracking your voice-activated requests and searches, too. The latest revelation is that the company is now recording your voice and saving it in your account. That's right. Every time you use "OK Google" or other voice-controlled functions, odds are those snippets are saved to your Google account.

On its website, Google says these recordings help it better recognize your voice -- and more accurately accomplish tasks.

Luckily, Google introduced a new My Account tool that lets you access all of these recordings and delete them if you want. You can also tell Google to stop recording your voice for good.

Google recently launched a new feature called My Account that lets account holders manage passwords, control privacy settings and view other account information. Using My Account, you can also get rid of your voice recordings.

This is one of things some Google users were surprised to discover on Monday, when Google launched its new "My Account" feature. The company is trying to give users a better idea -- and more control -- over what information it collects.

To delete recordings, visit the My Account page and log in with your Google account. Then, click the "Personal Info & Privacy" tab to edit your privacy settings. When the privacy page loads, scroll down to the section labeled "Your voice searches and commands."

If the tab reads "paused" then the feature is already turned off. If not, click the slider next to the box title to turn voice recording off.

To view or delete previous recordings, click the "Manage Activity" link at the bottom of the box.

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