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You've never seen a smartphone like this before

You've never seen a smartphone like this before

The smartphone race is hotter than ever with manufacturers trying to convince buyers to choose their phones. That's why you see things like curved screens, edge screens, fingerprint scanners, fancy materials and other "Wow" features.

While some of these features sometimes work, many of them turn out to be gimmicks that don't quite pan out. Or, like fingerprint sensors, they take a while to really find a use, as in the case of Apple Pay.

That's why I'm taking this new smartphone feature from Lenovo with a grain of salt. It's called Smart Cast and it's a smartphone with a laser projector built in.

Smart Cast works can display images from the smartphone on to walls. It's self focusing so you don't have to do any adjustment.

However, it's real selling point is when you switch it to interface mode. It can put a copy of the smartphone screen, a computer keyboard, or a piano keyboard on any flat horizontal surface. You can use the projection to control the phone, type or play a song.

Now, this isn't new technology, but Lenovo has a few twists. The first is that the projection is full color. Most older systems were a single color and limited to a single mode, such as a computer keyboard.

Second, according to people who have tried it, there's very little delay between touching the projection and something happening. Older system often have a large delay while the system figured out what you were doing.

You can see get the idea of Smart Cast here:

Unfortunately, it looks like this model won't make it to the U.S. However, if it sell well, one could be on the way in the future.

Does this look like something that will catch on, or is it just another gimmick? Would you use it if it were in your smartphone? Let me know in the comments.

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