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Internet 'demon summoning' ritual captures teens

Internet 'demon summoning' ritual captures teens
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

It's like looking in a mirror and saying "Bloody Mary" three times, or Beetlejuice for that matter. Only back in their heyday, Bloody Mary and Beetlejuice didn't have to deal with Vine, Instagram and the rest of the Internet.

It's an old ritual among generations, only this time it has a newer folk tale to be scared of. Teens all across the country are now attempting to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie as part of the #CharlieCharlie challenge.

It's just a dumb trick with pencils. All you do is set up four corners on a piece of paper and write "yes" in two and "no" in two of the squares. Then stack two pencils on top on one another over the piece of paper. You then ask "Charlie Charlie, are you here?" and one of the pencils should turn to the yes or no answer. If Charlie is there and you aren't totally freaked out, you can then ask him a series of yes or no questions, much like you would with an Ouija board or Magic 8 Ball.

This type of stuff is nothing new - kids have been doing it for years - but what sticks out to me is how fast it has gone viral. Teens have been uploading hundreds of thousands of videos and photos of the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Here's a Vine and an Instagram video to illustrate my point:

THE LITTLE GIRL RAN OUT TOO??? - tag your friends!? - {#charliechallenge #charliecharliechallenge #charliecharlie #charlieareyouthere #charlie}

A video posted by get me to 1.3k for a new video (@charliechallenge.official) on

And of course, this IS the Internet we're talking about here, so the Charlie Charlie Challenge isn't exempt from parody. Here's a funny Vine I found making light of memes and more specifically, the Charlie Challenge.

So it seems harmless enough right? Charlie is no Slender Man and the challenge isn't as dangerous as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. But according to Business Insider:

A Catholic Priest allegedly sent a notice to students warning them of the dangers when one "invites a Mexican ghoul into their home." The letter was shared on Twitter, The Mirror reports, and has not been verified yet.

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