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6 emoji you're probably using wrong

6 emoji you're probably using wrong
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Are you on board the emoji train? They're those little yellow faces and symbols you can send in a text message. These modern-day hieroglyphics are now the world's fastest growing language. On top of that, the 722 different emojis are used by nearly three-quarters of all 18-25-year olds, are included in nearly half of all Instagram comments, and the word "emoji" was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. If you have kids or grandchildren in your life, chances are pretty good they are using emojis as a big part of their online communication.

There are so many of them that it can be hard to keep straight what they mean. And the pictures don't always match the intended meaning. It can lead to some strange misunderstandings!

With that in mind, Unicode came up with a list of six emojis most of us are using wrong. By the way, Unicode is the group that sets the Internet standard language, which now include emojis.

They are:


Here are their real names and meanings, according to Unicode:

  1. Sleepy Face: "You can’t use this emoji to denote you have a cold anymore, friends. Not if you want to be doing it right, anyway. That emoji means 'sleepy' "
  2. Face With Look Of Triumph: This isn't meant to express anger. It's meant to convey "winning."
  3. Frowning Face With Open Mouth: It's not a shocked expression, or one of anger. It's meant to convey sadness as a frowning face.
  4. Information Desk Person: It's not a hair flip, it's a woman who wants to give you more information.
  5. Weary Cat Face: This cat isn't supposed to look terrified. Instead, this emoji is supposed to mean that the cat is tired.
  6. Dizzy Star: Isn't meant to mean star-struck or an expression of happiness. It’s actually meant to represent dizziness and disorientation.

What emojis have you been using wrong this whole time? Or do you wish emojis would just go away? Let me know your thoughts on emojis in the comments section below.

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