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Beware: ATMs are less safe than ever

There's scary new information out about how risky it is to use ATM machines.

We all know that online scams and retail hacks can put our credit and debit cards at risk. But, you don't just have to be wary of using your cards online or at retail stores. That's because every time you stick you card in an ATM, you're putting your financial accounts at risk as well.

Threats against ATM machines are now at a 20 year high. In fact, debit card-related security breaches at ATM machines on bank property shot up a whopping 174% just during the first four months of this year compared with the same time last year.

Here's an important detail. The problem is even worse at ATMs that aren't located on bank property. Breaches at those machines rose a staggering 317%! According to Tremont Capital Group, scammers will make about 1.5 million successful ATM withdrawals this year.

How can you protect yourself? I've gathered up the warning signs you need to know to spot an ATM that may be compromised. Find out what you need to watch for when using an ATM. But even with these Tips, you might still get caught by a hacker's clever scheme. That's why you also need account monitoring and Identity Theft protection.

Did you know that an ATM isn't the only risky place to use your debit card? Find out some of the other worst places to swipe your card.

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