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New tech could end shoe blisters FOREVER

New tech could end shoe blisters FOREVER
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

I need this so bad! Do you ever get back from a run or a hike with blisters all over your feet? It's almost always because your shoes are just a little too loose. But if they're too tight, they're uncomfortable and cut off circulation.

But there's also another show problem some people face. Some shoes are just so cute or trendy that they are willing to sacrifice comfort just to look good! But thanks to a Swedish firm armed with a 3-D scanner, that might soon change. Now you'll be able to be comfortable AND stylish all at the same time.

Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed software that can create a detailed 3-D scan of an individual's foot. The 3-D scan can then be used to make or find shoes that will be the perfect fit every time.

“Our vision is that the system of going around the stores, trying on lots of shoes or jeans and different products and having a problem of not knowing whether you are medium or large ... I think that system will be completely gone in 10 years. Instead it will be size me,” co-founder Caroline Walerud says. ... “You will only be given products that fit your body shape. We are going to create that standard for how to size people. In the first, for shoes and then for other products.”

The technology was originally created for gaming consoles, hoping to become the "YouTube of 3-D." But according to Walerud, that idea was way too broad. That's when the technology found a home and it could be a complete game-changer in the shoe business. That is, if it's not too far ahead of its time.

These 3-D scanners aren't very practical for every shoe store just yet. Depth cameras are one of the main components of the scanners and these aren't included in mobile gadgets yet. However, Walerud expects them to be widely available in 2017.

In the meantime, Walerud and her team are working on 3-D face scanners to make glasses and helmets, headphones and more. She also sounds very optimistic:

“The biggest mountain here is we are creating something new. We are trying to change how people design, manufacture, buy and sell products. All those things that are trying to change that paradigm means that there is a lot of unknowns there still.”

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Source: The Guardian
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