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The next iPhone could be a huge upgrade

The next iPhone could be a huge upgrade
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By now, we pretty much know the game: Apple releases a new model number of iPhone, then the next year it releases the "s" version. 4, 4s, 5, 5s - you get the picture.

This year is looking like it could be a bit different. We're learning that Apple still plans an incremental upgrade - the 6s - and it could be the biggest, most dramatic incremental upgrade ever.

Apple usually keeps pretty tight-lipped on its products before their big reveals, but rumor from a well-placed source among Apple analysts is leaking a pretty interesting scoop. First, the new iPhone 6s will still have two different size options, but that's where the similarities seem to end.

Nearly everything inside will be new. The source says the new versions will jump from 1 GB of RAM up to 2 GB. That could allow you to have more apps open at once or allow software developers to make even more complex apps.

Coupled with the doubled RAM is a huge processor upgrade, which will probably be good to handle those bigger apps. For iPhone camera fans, look for a better camera rated at 12 megapixels.

Remember "Bendgate," that controversy over the 6 Plus bending and not bending back? Apparently Apple remembers it to with word that the new iPhones will be made out of a new aluminum alloy that's 60% stronger that the current version. The new material could also be offered in more colors. Perhaps we have a hint of what's to come by looking at the range of Apple Watch hues. Anyone up for a new rose-colored iPhone?

Other improvements include an updated Touch ID and Force Touch, as well as a sapphire display. The current iPhone 6 was "supposed" to have the super tough sapphire display, but Apple ran into a major snag when its sapphire supplier couldn't meet its demand for screens. However, the Apple Watch sports a sapphire screen so hopefully Apple has worked out its supply problems.

Rumors also say that Apple will start production of the new iPhones in August and will be ready for purchase in September. Sales are being predicted in the 80 million to 90 million range for this year.

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Source: Cult of Mac
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