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You might be TOO good-looking

You might be TOO good-looking
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

Updated May 12, 2015: Only on Komando.com, see the actual photographs used in this research. While writing this story yesterday, I was surprised that I could not find anywhere on the Internet the photos used in this project. So I reached out to the author of the research paper. Last night he responded with the photos that I'm happy to include in this update. Which test photos do you think look more trustworthy? Scroll below to see for yourself.

You've always suspected it, and now a science experiment shows it might actually be true. You could be too good-looking for your own good.

Now, I know I've told you before that it's a great idea to Photoshop your online dating profile pictures, but now might be the time to backtrack a little bit. That is if you are, as Zoolander says, "really really good looking."

A new study out of the University of Connecticut found that men were unlikely to trust women on a dating site who Photoshopped, enhanced or edited their pictures. Some of those enhancements tested included different angles, lighting effects and make-up. See the photos below.

According to lead study author Rory McGloin, a communications professor at UConn.:

"They thought she was more attractive, they wanted to go on a date with her ... but they didn't trust her."

But here's where it gets interesting. Women who viewed men's enhanced photos found them to be more trustworthy.

"Attractiveness of the male served as a halo," McGloin said. "Once they found him to be attractive, they assumed all of the other traits were good as well."

The study had 671 volunteers who are communications students at UConn. Their average age is 19. For the study, they were presented with one single photo for each person.

"[McGloin] noted that his experiment eliminated "relative" attractiveness by only presenting each person with one photo and asking them a series of questions about it. However, he said it wasn't a field study and the participants were "fearless" because their actions had no consequences."

We reached out to researcher Rory McGloin to see actual photos used in the project. He says the female photographs below are courtesy of Elite Makeup Designs By Brittany Renee of Los Angeles, Ca.

Female bad pictureFemale good pic

According to the research,  male test subjects said they wanted to go on a date with the model in the enhanced photo, but yet they "didn't trust her."

male bad picmale good pic

However, women who viewed the male photos found the enhanced version to be more trustworthy.

Thanks again to Rory McGloin for providing these photos.

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