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What Facebook knows about you will make your jaw drop

What Facebook knows about you will make your jaw drop
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Over a billion people around the world agree: Facebook has become THE place to share your life with your friends and family online. Log in anytime and expect to see where your friends have been, what they have been doing, who they have been with plus tons of photos even interesting articles and news they want to share.

I've warned you before about being careful of your privacy settings so strangers can't see what you've posted. Click here to learn what privacy settings you need to lock down now. However, there's another party you need to consider.

Facebook can, and does, look at every single click and post you make on its site. That's both to improve its services and to help its advertisers sell you more stuff. If you link Facebook with other online services, it also knows what you do there.

You might already have this in mind and think that you are safe and secure with what you share. However, if you've been using Facebook for years, the company probably knows a lot more about you than you might imagine. One journalist decided to find out, and what he found might shock you!

Mike Wenher went through his Facebook profile back to when he started it in 2007. He found that he shared a lot more back then than he remembered. I'll give you some of the highlights, and you can read the rest in his article.

Tip in a tip: Want to review your own Facebook history? Click here to learn how, and how to delete the posts you don't want anyone to see.

The Basics

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Race

Local History

  • Current city of residence
  • Hometown
  • Past places I’ve lived (1)
  • When I moved from one location to another
  • How long I lived at each location


  • My sister
  • My brothers-in-law (2)
  • My uncle
  • My cousins (2)
  • My wife
  • My nephew
  • My extended family


  • My past girlfriends
  • When each of my past relationships began
  • When each of my past relationships ended
  • Exactly how long each of my previous relationships lasted

Contact Info

  • Personal phone number
  • Work phone number
  • Past phone numbers (2)
  • Personal email address
  • Work email address
  • Old personal email addresses (3)
  • Old work email addresses (2)


  • All of my friends’ names
  • Which friends I’m actually friends with and which ones are just on my friends list
  • Which friends I don’t actually like talking to
  • Which friends I blocked on Messenger to avoid awkward conversations
  • Which friends I like enough to get updates from
  • Which friends I like so much that I have subscribed to their every action

Personal Details

  • Languages I speak
  • Political leanings
  • Who I voted for (national elections)
  • Who I voted for (local elections)
  • Religious beliefs

My Faves

  • My favorite bands
  • My favorite TV shows
  • My favorite movies
  • My favorite books
  • My favorite console video games
  • My favorite PC video games
  • My favorite foods
  • My favorite color
  • My favorite websites
  • My favorite Twitch.tv streamers
  • My favorite iOS apps
  • My favorite Android apps
  • My favorite coffee shop
  • My favorite pizza place
  • My favorite football team
  • My favorite baseball team


  • Weddings I’ve attended or avoided
  • Parties I’ve attended or avoided
  • Sporting events I’ve attended to avoided
  • Meetings I’ve attended or avoided
  • Everything else I’ve been invited to that I did or did not attend

Detailed Travel History

  • Every place I’ve visited in roughly the past decade
  • Every work trip I’ve been on since I began my career
  • How long each trip lasted, and my days of arrival and departure
  • What hotel I stayed at during my first visit to Los Angeles
  • What hotels I stayed at during each subsequent visit to Los Angeles
  • Where I stayed during my trips to CES in Las Vegas
  • Where I ate on my last in night in Las Vegas, and who I was with
  • Where I stayed during my trip to North Carolina
  • What kind of car I rented while I was in North Carolina

If you think that's a lot, Facebook knows even more. And not only does it know what you tell it, it has software that tries to read between the lines to find out what you didn't tell it.

It's a good reminder that the price you pay for using many online services, especially the free ones, is that they get to read your information. It's up to you whether or not you think the service is worth the price.

Want to be done with Facebook or other online accounts? Click here for the steps to delete your accounts on hundreds of sites.

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