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New bug lets hackers crash your phone or tablet

I've told you about the dangers of using public Wi-Fi, such as giving hackers an opportunity to snoop on your conversations or sensitive Internet browsing. Click here to learn how you can stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

However, security researchers Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit have found another danger, and it's completely unexpected. Basically, Wi-Fi can crash any Apple gadget running iOS 8.

The researchers are keeping the detail to a minimum until Apple fixes the problem, but it starts with hackers setting up a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot. With the right code, the hotspot can convince any Apple gadget in the area to connect to it.

Once a gadget is connected the Wi-Fi, the hotspot sends out special SSL certificates that cause apps, and possibly even iOS, to start crashing. It isn't just a one-time crash either; your apps and gadget will keep crashing and rebooting over and over.

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