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Shocker: Apple Watch order results

Shocker: Apple Watch order results

The long-awaited Apple Watch just went on sale today after months of anticipation. Now customers have finally voted with their pocketbooks and the results caught some tech followers off guard. In Paris, reports say about 100 people lined up outside the iconic Apple store. In Australia, Sydney's flagship Apple store was packed with shoppers. In the U.S., orders went online at midnight West Coast time.

In the days leading up to the pre-order date, some tech reporters were lukewarm about Apple's entry into the wearables market. Many openly doubted if Apple could capture the same magic as it had with other product breakthroughs like iPod, iPhone and iPad.

While no official sales numbers are out yet, Apple fans watched shipping dates quickly push past the April 24th initial delivery date. Some tech watchers interpret that to mean that the Watch is quickly selling out. And, even if you did manage to get your order in, you're going to have to wait quite a while before you actually get to wear it.

Although availability varies by SKU, many Apple Watch and Apple Watch Editions are now not expected to ship until June, or even later. The Rose Gold Apple Watch Editions do not ship until July, for instance. International availability is even more scarce. In Japan, some models indicate six month shipping times.

If you're still hoping to claim your own Apple Watch, your choices are extremely limited. Right now, the only model still available for sale on Apple's website is the 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Classic Buckle version. Once you purchase the watch, you'll have to wait 4-6 weeks before it ships. Want to include an AppleCare+ protection plan for your watch? That'll cost you, too, and the price varies widely depending on which watch you buy.

If you decide to purchase AppleCare+ for the 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Classic Buckle that's still available, it'll cost you $69. AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch Sport is slightly less, coming in at $49.

Those prices aren't that outrageous. But, customers who purchase an Apple Watch Edition are going to have to fork over some serious cash for AppleCare+. Protection for the Edition version of the Apple Watch costs $1,500! Want to know more about the 38 different versions of Apple Watch? Click here now for my Tip, Everything you need to know about Apple Watch.

Are you interested in buying a smartwatch? Before you do, check out my smartwatch comparison chart to find the right watch for you. 

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