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Major hotel security flaw

After a long day of travel, that big fluffy hotel bed might be so inviting that I wouldn't blame you for relaxing and letting down your guard a bit. But in today's world, where nearly any and everything can be hacked, now there's more reason than ever to be extra careful. Here's why.

So you know that hotel Wi-Fi page with all the terms and conditions you sign in to that gets you on their network? Well now it turns out that many hotels and other public spaces all use the same router hardware specific for hotels and convention centers. That means that if a hacker can figure out how to crack that specific router, then they can crack any hotel that uses the same one.

And that seems to be exactly what has happened!

Security researchers have discovered huge security flaws in a popular hotel router called InnGate, developed by ANTlabs. So far we know world-wide 277 hotels and convention centers use this router, and are vulnerable to hackers infecting their computers with malware if they connect to it. At least 100 of these are located in the U.S.

But it's not just your personal computers and gadgets that are at risk. Here's where things get really creepy. The researchers for the security flaw also allows hackers' access into the hotels' main computer systems including guest payments on point-of-sale systems. Remember Target? Home Depot? All of those breaches were caused by a point-of-sale breach.

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