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The New York Mets are addicted to this app

The New York Mets are addicted to this app
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

What do you do when you're not the starting pitcher or you're not up to bat? If you're on the New York Mets, you probably kill time on your phone. The pro baseball team has become addicted to an app, and they're not alone - more than 100 million people are addicted to it, too.

So what are the New York Mets doing in the dugout? They're playing Trivia Crack, the very straightforward trivia game that pits you against your friends and other users around the globe. It includes six categories: Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History.

“It’s always been the case with baseball players that things get a little monotonous,” said Matt Bowman, a pitching prospect who graduated from Princeton and will likely open the season at Triple-A Las Vegas. “We can get in the habit of not exercising our minds.”

These players are playing in-between games and workouts, and even on the bus. They have even developed some pretty intense rivalries between teammates.

“I’m a little upset about that,” [pitching prospect Matt] Bowman said. “He told me he doesn’t like playing me.”

“He cheats,” [prospect Matt] Reynolds said, smiling. “He definitely uses his computer. It’s a bold statement. He cheats. I know he does. ... He’ll go on runs where he won’t get one right, and the next thing you know he gets all six characters in one try.” (Pressed further, Reynolds conceded that Bowman doesn’t actually cheat—probably: “If he’s coming from Princeton, he’d better be smart,” he said.)

Reynolds isn’t the only Met cowed by Bowman’s academic pedigree. Relief pitcher Scott Rice won’t play him, either. “I only play against people I know I can beat,” Rice said. (Fortunately, Rice doesn’t carry that philosophy onto the pitcher’s mound.)

I'm not surprised that this app is so popular, because it's really fun. It's not really breaking any new ground, though; the game is very similar to the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. You don't have to worry about repeated questions, though, because over 2,000 new questions are added daily.

Click here to get Trivia Crack for your phone now.

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