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Say goodbye to Internet Explorer

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer
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Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the browser that so many of us first used to explore the Web. Anyone who used a computer during the '90s or early 2000s probably ended up with an early version of Internet Explorer on his or her PC.

But serious bugs and security flaws have made Internet Explorer a much less appealing option for just about anyone who likes to stay safe while they browse online. The browser's market share has dipped to about 11%, with Chrome leading the browser pack at around 43%.

Well, Microsoft finally pulled the plug. The blue E that's been on the desktop of every Windows machine for years is going away. It will not be included in the majority of new Windows 10 versions.

We hardly knew ye, Internet Explorer. If your computer just doesn't feel complete without the Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar, then you need to consider your alternatives.

Now just because Microsoft is killing off IE doesn't mean it will automatically stop working for you. But with Microsoft throwing in the towel, you should probably consider switching to a modern browser sooner rather than later. When you install and start up current browsers like Firefox and Chrome, the new browser will prompt you through importing your bookmarks and preferences from Explorer.

If you already have another browser on your system, be sure to check out my recent tip to ensure it is current and up to date.

Now all of this is not to say that the Microsoft is getting out of the Internet browser game, but I think more than a few its executives must have decided that the Internet Explorer name has run its course. I don't blame them. One of the most common reasons for Web errors and security vulnerabilities that I find over and over again are outdated versions of Internet Explorer.

The name and bugs have become one and the same in the eyes of many techies. That's why Microsoft claims to be hard at work on its next browser, codenamed "Project Spartan."

We don't know all that much about Project Spartan. I've heard claims that it could be "300 times better" than Internet Explorer. I shed a little light on these claims in this news post.

I can tell you this, though: Windows 10 is looking more and more like the best operating system ever. Click here to learn more and find out why.

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