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Could this app be the next Facebook?

Could this app be the next Facebook?
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Watch out Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media network out there. There's a new kid on the block and it is bringing a whole new function to social media. But check it while you can because at the rate new social media networks come and go, there is no gurantee how long this one will be around. This newest social media network is called Meerkat. The app lets anyone with a smartphone broadcast whatever is going on around them, live.

That's right, we're no longer limited to tweets, news posts and still photos about what's going on. Meerkat lets users around the world stream live video of anything they're seeing. The app, released just a few weeks ago, has already been used to stream the swearing in ceremony of the new deputy director for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and even to document the Ferguson protests.

But get it now while you can because Meerkat has one major problem. The app relies on Twitter to help users find each other. Or it relied on Twitter, that is until Twitter cut them off.

A Twitter spokesperson told ABC why it was cutting Meerkat off:

We are limiting their access to Twitter’s social graph, consistent with our internal policy. Their users will still be able to distribute videos on Twitter and login with their Twitter credentials.

Want to know the real reason why Twitter cut off Meerkat? Because the company has quickly bought up a smartphone-based streaming service and is planning to launch its own competitor on the Twitter platform.

With all of that said, it's not like new social media apps haven't come and gone quicker than you could snap your fingers. Remember the "Yo" app? No one would blame you if you didn't. Find out more about one of the silliest social networks in this article about Yo.

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