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Hackers have a new way around your phone's lock screen

Your phone's lock screen is its last line of defense against the hackers and thieves who want to steal your phone and break into your private information. You may feel pretty secure knowing that with a four digit passcode, there are 10,000 possible combinations a thief might have to try before finally breaking in. And, if you have taken my advice to set your phone to automatically wipe clean after just 10 incorrect passcode attempts, you might feel down right smug in your protection.

Unfortunately that confidence could be just a little too confident. Seems the bad guys have come up with a new tool, dubbed "Black Box," that lets them get past your iPhone or iPad's lock screen through brute force.

A brute force attack bypasses a password lock by literally guessing every single password combination that a phone can have. Some of these brute force attacks even use robot hands to emulate typing.

As mentioned above, you can set your iPhone and iPad to automatically erase itself after 10 incorrect password attempts. But now clever hackers have figured out a way to beat this safeguard.

The latest iteration of this attack doesn't need robotic fingers to tap a phone's screen. All it needs is a USB connection.

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