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Do you want this in your Google Search results?

When you search for information online, you're pretty sure you know what you need. When you use Google, you have an even better chance of finding what you want. If you're looking for a photo or a video, there are search options to filter just those results.

With Google search, you can also filter through results like shopping, maps, apps and more in addition to the usual website results. But Google is closing a deal that could add one more, possibly unwelcome, category to its search results.

Anonymous sources say that Google is about to close a deal with Twitter that will allow tweets to show up in search results. Surprisingly, this deal isn't a new thing. Google and Twitter partnered together like this from 2009-2011, but Twitter's former chief operating officer didn't want to renew the contract, and it lapsed.

Now, tweets will show up on Google's search result page as soon as they're posted. Before, Google had to crawl Twitter to find relevant tweets. Now, whenever something is trending on Twitter, like the Super Bowl, it will show up much faster in Google results.

The unnamed sources say that there will be "no advertising revenue involved in the deal between Twitter and Google." Still, it seems likely that Twitter will receive data-licensing revenue.

It's also a new opportunity for Twitter to get more people interested in its social media service, since membership and shares are plateauing.

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