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Was the Super Bowl live stream a disaster for you, too?

Was the Super Bowl live stream a disaster for you, too?
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NBC delivered a pleasant surprise to many cord cutters when it announced that it would live stream the Super Bowl for free on computers and tablets. Well, the network came through on its promise, but its lackluster stream left many viewers downright disappointed.

NBC's "Super Stream Sunday" was anything but super. It attracted over 1 million viewers, but problems plagued the stream from the get-go. Users from around the country took to Twitter to complain about glitchy feeds that sometimes fell way behind the live action. That means if you were on Facebook or Twitter, your friends could spoil the action before you saw it happen on your screen.

The most maddening part was that, even if you stayed off Twitter and were lucky not to have neighbors within earshot, you still would have had to contend with spoilers from NBC itself. For unfathomable reasons, the NBC Sports Live Extra website maintained a scoreboard widget at the top of the screen that stayed live even when the stream fell far behind.

NBC did offer a Go Live button in case your feed fell behind. But, if you used it you risked missing out on all of the great plays from last night's game. Also, occasionally the feed would randomly send users back to old footage a few seconds after they clicked the Go Live button.

Some fans were also upset that they didn't get to see all of the great commercials that the Super Bowl is famous for. NBC sold its online and television advertising spots separately, so online streamers didn't get to see every ad that showed up on TVs.

If you were one of those disgruntled online viewers, you can head over to my video page. I've collected many of the best Super Bowl commercials in one place to make it easy for you to watch them.

Live streaming huge events isn't easy. We all learned that the hard way from Apple during its Live Event last year. Interestingly, Verizon customers who streamed the Super Bowl using the NFL Mobile app didn't seem to experience as many problems as NBC viewers.

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