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These businesses will sell your smartphone photos

These businesses will sell your smartphone photos
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

Thanks to smartphones, anyone can have high-quality cameras and editing tools right in their pockets, and companies are taking notice. In fact, there are several apps and websites out there that can help anyone make extra money by selling smartphone photos to businesses.

Instead of relying solely on professional photographers and stock photo sites, many brands now want unique content that reflects everyday life. Scoopshot is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you upload your photos and sell them to publishers. The app recently introduced an in-image ad network to help users make money through ad sales, too.

The feature is ideal for editorial websites and brand marketers looking to aggregate user-generated content and post it online. They can embed the photos for free, and they appear with an ad stripped across the bottom of the photo, much like you’d see in a banner ad on YouTube.

Photographers get to keep 50% of the revenue earned from embedded ads.

Snapwire is another service where you can make extra cash with your photos. Unlike Scoopshot, Snapwire rewards users who can prove their talent. The website hosts regular challenges and picks the best photos. If your photo is picked, you earn points that elevate your status on the site. You can also earn points by selling photos and uploading photos.

You also don't set your own price. The website will select photos and price them between $5 and $100, and photographers earn 70% of the sale. Snapwire sells photos through its website, but there is an iOS app that photographers can use to upload photos and participate in challenges.

Both Snapwire and Scoopshot have their own request features that allow customers to ask users to come up with photos that meet a specific theme.

Other sites like Foap and Clashot collect stock photos from users. Foap also has apps for iOS and Android and sells photos for $10 apiece. Clashot photos cost 99 cents each.

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