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Tesla just updated its software to increase its top speed

Since the car was invented, people have been trying to make it go faster. Up until the '80s, hot rodders could upgrade the hardware to make the ultimate speed machine.

Once cars started turning into computers on wheels, though, and manufacturers started testing the limits of performance, it's gotten harder for the average person to really crank up the speed. You can still upgrade the hardware if you know what you're doing, but in many cases you have to tweak the engine software, too. Well, in the future that's going to change as well.

As electric cars start taking the stage, hardware is no longer an issue. You can't really tweak the "engine" when its motor has one moving part. You don't want to mess with the batteries because they're expensive and potentially dangerous. Steering and suspension are also becoming trickier since they're entirely computer controlled.

That's not great new for the gearhead who likes to tweak their vehicle to speed perfection. However, it's great news for everyone else, because it means that a manufacturer can boost a car's performance with a simple software update.

That's just what electric-car manufacturer Tesla did for its new Model S p85D. That's the two-motor, high-performance version of the Model S.

Software updates aren't entirely new, actually. In the past, Tesla has released over-the-air updates for its cars that improved battery life and fixed bugs. That sure beats taking your car into the shop.

This time the update to the P85D boosted its acceleration by 0.1 seconds. That means it can go from 0 to 60 mph in around 3.1 seconds. If you know anything about cars, you know that's up there with million-dollar hypercars from McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

In fact, it's so fast, it leaves the average person in shock. Click here to watch some hilarious passenger reactions to the Tesla's "Insane Mode."

The Tesla Model S is great for going fast, but one owner decided to go the opposite direction. One owner is offering the use of his Tesla as a hotel room. Click here to learn more about this bizarre place to stay.

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