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Facebook will sell real-time targeted ads during the Super Bowl

If you use the Internet, you've experience ad tracking and ad targeting. That's when an ad for a product or site you've looked at follows you around from site to site.

A lot of people find this creepy and there are ways to stop it. However, for this year's Super Bowl, Facebook is taking ad targeting to a whole new level.

Last year, Facebook let advertisers target users, "based on their likes, profiles and demographic information," which is fairly standard. This year, Facebook is going to watch what you post about the Super Bowl and serve you targeted ads in real time based on what you say.

So, if you comment on how much you're enjoying the food at your party, the next ad you see might be for a food snack brand. I'm not sure I like that.

Many Super Bowl watchers use smartphones and tablets to post their thoughts about the game on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter provided real-time ad targeting to advertisers last year and it apparently worked out well for them.

Targeted advertising is already helping advertisers rake in more than $50 billion a year, so I can only imagine what real-time targeted advertising will do. Expect to see this popping up on even more sites in the near future.

There is a way to opt out of targeted advertising on Facebook, and it should work for real-time targeting as well. Click here to find out how you can stop Facebook, and other companies, from tracking where you go online and serving you targeted ads.

Of course, you can also put down the smartphone and watch the game or talk to the people around you. And speaking of watching the game, don't forget that you can stream the Super Bowl live this year for free. Click here to learn how.

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