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A stranger's voice on the babycam: 'Cute baby'

A stranger's voice on the babycam: 'Cute baby'
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Every parent's worst nightmare has come to life, AGAIN! Last year, I told you about two separate instances of hackers taking over Foscam baby monitors and using them to spy on the babies and their parents. This time, the story takes place in Texas and involves a baby, the nanny, a hacker and a Foscam baby monitor.

Nanny Ashley Stanley was in the nursery with baby Samantha, changing her diaper, when she heard a man's voice began talking to her from the baby monitor, telling her how cute the baby is and "that's a really poopy diaper."

In a panic, Stanley quickly unplugged the camera and called the family to make sure they weren't playing a prank on her. Sure enough, the family wasn't and the worst became true: A hacker had broken into the baby monitor and had been silently watching ... and nobody knows for how long.

Back in August, 2013 the maker of the Internet-enabled baby monitor, Foscam, issued updates to fix the security holes, but a security researcher said up to 40,000 baby monitors could still be vulnerable. No one thinks to update their baby monitor.

This family was one of them. When the family contacted Foscam, they were simply urged to password protect the monitor and perform the necessary firmware updates on older cameras.

Back in April, Foscam issued the following statement:

"Updating firmware is extremely important, especially if the devices in question are more than six months old," Foscam wrote in a statement to NBC News. "In the case of the Schreck’s camera in question, it was a three-year-old model and needed a firmware update." ... Foscam recommended that people update their firmware and change their default password.

That sentiment was echoed in its latest statement from Chase Rhymes, the company's COO:

"The biggest thing consumers can do is make sure that they change the default password and username."

Is that enough to protect yourself and your family from baby monitor hackers? Or should Foscam do more? Let me know your opinions by posting in the comments below.

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