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Hackers hacked!

Hackers hacked!
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In a strange twist of fate, the hackers have become the hacked. The notorious Lizard Squad group that claimed responsibility for downing the PlayStation and Xbox networks over Christmas recently fell victim to an attack that exposed its entire customer list on the Internet.

Lizard Squad is known for its own hacks but also created a tool that any paying customer could use to torment others online.

The Stresser let those who paid use it to overwhelm websites or kick people offline by bombarding the sites they were using with data.

Now, the entire 14,241 name list of Lizard Squad customers has been exposed. Security researcher Brian Krebs obtained a copy of the list and was the first to break the news about the hack. The list was available for a little while on file-sharing site Mega.

Surprisingly, Lizard Squad didn't do much to protect customer information and stored usernames and passwords in plain text.

It's not clear who hacked Lizard Squad. The list of potential attackers is long, because the group has made a lot of enemies. One theory suggests that security professionals grew tired of Lizard Squad and decided to teach it a lesson.

[Krebs] said: "There seems to be a general sense in the security research community that these guys are in way over their heads, and that if we can't bring to justice a bunch of teenagers in Western nations who are rubbing it in everyone's faces, then that's a sad state of affairs."

Usually when I tell you about a high-profile hack it's bad news. But, this time around I'm not going to lose any sleep over Lizard Squad finally getting a taste of its own medicine.

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