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Now Facebook can listen to you

Now Facebook can listen to you

Run a Google search for "Facebook messenger privacy." The first thing that you'll see is a fact sheet directly from Facebook called "Get The Facts About Messenger."

The page was originally created after Facebook Messenger came under fire last September for some major privacy issues. Now, its latest "feature" sounded pointless at first, but it's got me worried.

Facebook Messenger lets you send voice notes to your friends. It's an easy-to-use solution if you're not in a position to fiddle around with your cellphone's onscreen keyboard.

As of this moment, Facebook is testing a new "feature" for voice messaging. The company is teaching it how to transcribe every word that you say.

My first question for Facebook was why the company needed to transcribe our voice messages.

A Facebook Messenger rep, David Marcus, did his best to answer:

Today we are starting to roll out a small test that helps people read the voice clips they receive instead of having to play them out loud. So, for example, if you’re at a concert or in a meeting, and would prefer to read a voice clip from a friend, you now can if you're part of the small test we're rolling out.

Transcribing voice messages on Facebook Messenger doesn't really make all that much sense, does it? Facebook is a company built on data. Giving its messaging app the ability to transcribe every word that we say means that the company could get its hands on even more data.

Best of all, Facebook gets to package it as a feature. Oh well, at least it's not forcing its users into participating in creepy psychology experiments, right?

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