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The D.C. Public Library can teach you how to avoid NSA spying

The D.C. Public Library can teach you how to avoid NSA spying
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Do you want a hands-on lesson on staying clear of NSA snooping? If you live in the Washington, D.C., area, you're in for a treat. Later this month, you could be part of a seminar on how to keep your personal information private.

Strangely enough, the building just across from the NSA - the Washington, D.C., Public Library - will give it to you. Why would one government institution protect you from another?

For one thing, people need to know more about the Internet and their privacy instead of relying on news organizations to feed false information to them. Catherine Gees, a library associate, says it's not really that weird for the D.C. Library to be hosting something like this.

“Libraries have always been concerned about privacy rights. It seems like a natural place for this,” she said. “I just wish we were able to bring in more voices from the other side of the conversation.”

The D.C. Public Library is giving a 10-day seminar on how to use Tor, the anonymous online browser, and information about the NSA and government transparency, surveillance and personal privacy.

The 10-day seminar will also include live hacking demonstrations, as well as a lecture about how to track campaign expenses for politicians and civil servants, Internet safety classes for teens, how to access government data and more.

The NSA, not surprisingly, did not respond to the efforts of the committee that organized the privacy seminar event.

"We realize it can be a controversial topic, but we tried to make the program as balanced as possible," Gees said. "We reached out to NSA and other federal agencies, and with a lot of them, we didn't get response."

I'm looking forward to the results of this seminar. You know that privacy and security for everyone is one of my main concerns. Click here to learn more about how you can protect your privacy with the tools at your disposal. 

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