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They stole this police officer's identity. Big mistake

They stole this police officer's identity. Big mistake
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A ring of identity thieves in Ohio was riding high until they made one crucial mistake. They stole a cop's credit card numbers. After that, it was only a matter of time before he used his skills and training to track the criminals down and put them behind bars.

Lt. Matt Neil of the Montville Township Police in Ohio found out his credit card number was stolen from when the credit card company reported fishy activity. With a little police work and the help of Facebook, he managed to track the criminals down.

Neil retrieved the video from the stores and put the faces of the suspects on the police department's Facebook page.

Within minutes, he got leads on the men. A Lowe's worker said the suspects had also been in that store.

Officers arrested a gang of four men and charged them with identity theft, forgery, theft by deception and misuse of a credit card. The men had over 30 stolen credit cards and $12,000 in gift cards purchased with stolen credit cards. Police are still trying to track down victims from all over Ohio and other nearby states.

If you live in Ohio or neighboring states and think your identity might have been stolen by this gang, contact your local law enforcement immediately.

Identity theft is an all too common. If it can happen to a police officer, it can happen to anyone. I'm glad this officer's credit card company noticed the fraudulent activity, but credit card companies and banks don't always catch on in time.


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