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NetBrain: Your gadgets could be giving you psychological problems

Move over Freud, there's a new cause for the next-level psychological disorders (Hint: It's not mommy issues). That's right, it's the gadgets that make our lives easier and more connected.

A little too connected, according to the team of psychologists that claim to have discovered iDisorder. Proving that even the world's first smartphone-related mental disorder can't get around the gimmicky iWhatever naming trend.

The study claims that iDisorder affects about 11% of European adults based on a sample size of 1000. iDisorder affects 6% of adults globally. The study also uses another silly name for the disorder: NetBrain.

The greatest factor in whether or not someone exhibits NetBrain/iDisorder symptoms is whether or not they own a smartphone.

iDisorder was discovered by researchers at VisualDNA in London. Symptoms for the disorder include: Narcissism, poor attention span and fear of missing out.

These symptoms correspond with another study that revealed Facebook-based paranoia that could be affecting millions of teens.

If you think someone you know might be affected with iDisorder, here are some questions that researchers think you might want to share this quiz with them.

The quiz tests for classic addictive qualities in relation to technology. Do you know someone who has iDisorder? Or, better yet, can someone please come up with a better name for iDisorder? NetBrain isn't doing it for me, either.

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