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New leaked images of Apple's supersized iPad

New leaked images of Apple's supersized iPad
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If bigger is better, than I think it's safe to assume that Apple won't stop at super-sizing iPhone screens. It looks like the rumors of a "megapad" coming from Apple are true.

How do we know? Before this, your guess could be as good as mine, but unconfirmed leaked images from Apple's Chinese manufacturer have surfaced, and point toward another new tablet coming from Apple.

It's being rumored that the new megapad may be called the iPad Air Plus, taking its lead from the larger iPhone 6 Plus. The screen is thought to have a 12.2 inch screen, dwarfing the iPad Mini and iPad Air. It's also thought that the tablet will only be seven millimeters thick.

The image is sub-par, but from what we can tell the rumor mill has been pretty spot on so far.


The image was released by Nowhere Else, a French website. While the image isn't great to look at, you can see some crucial details.

"The sketch suggests that the tablet will look similar to the iPad Air 2 in design, with rounded corners and the same standby button, rear camera, microphone and volume buttons placement. However, seemingly confirming rumours that the larger tablet will offer stereo sound, there appears to be a speaker grill on the top of the shell."

Why such a big screen? Probably because Apple almost shot themselves in the foot with a larger iPhone screen. In a study conducted by Pocket, an app that allows users to save Web content for later reading, it was revealed that people with larger iPhone screens were looking at more online content than iPhone users with a smaller screen.

The Pocket study also showed that Apple's tablets were being used less than their smartphones. You can see an infograph of the study below. Image courtesy of Pocket and the Daily Mail.

pocket study

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