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Chromecast just got even cooler

Chromecast just got even cooler
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We've all heard of Chromecast, the $35 gadget from Google that lets users stream video from their smartphones, tablets and computers to TVs. It's a handy little tool and can't be beat for the price. And it's not just for TVs anymore. Google has added a new feature to its streaming dongle that will let owners stream music to compatible speakers.

Just like Chromecast for video, you'll still be able to use the gadget or computer you're casting from for other uses while the music is playing. That's because Chromecast plays music by connecting to the cloud.

'Google Cast Ready speakers pull content directly from the cloud, so you’ll get the best audio quality and can freely multi-task on your phone, tablet, or laptop, all without straining the battery,' it says.

Streaming music through Chromecast will work a lot like streaming video content from an app like Netflix. Just connect the gadget to compatible soundbars, speakers and A/V receivers. Then you can cast music from a smartphone, tablet or computer using apps from supported music services.

Google already has an impressive lineup of music services set up to work with Chromecast. Users just have to download the app or go to the website and use the Chromecast button to send music to their speakers.

The lengthy list of compatible apps includes Deezer, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, NPR One, Pandora, Rdio and TuneIn.

It sounds like a very cool feature, but it might not be for everyone just yet. Right now, it's still missing some popular music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

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