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Fridge-within-a-fridge is the 'Inception' of appliances

Fridge-within-a-fridge is the 'Inception' of appliances
LG Model LPXS346C

CES 2015 is still going strong, and that means more sweet new tech being announced to the world. Even though it's not as eye-catching as a self-driving luxury car, the latest tech coming out of Vegas is guaranteed to be an eye-opener.

I'm talking about LG's latest innovation that was released just after LG's incredible new washing machine was introduced: a new fridge. What's so special about a refrigerator, you ask?

This new LG Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity fridge, Model LPXS346C, is supposed to save about 47% of the energy lost whenever you open the door. That means that your food stays cold and frozen with less energy use. But it's not the amount of energy this fridge saves you, it's how it does it.

LG has created a veritable "Inception" of refrigerators to bring you the Door-within-a-Door concept. You've probably already seen the LG fridges that have a small "French door" concept to store a little "door" between the outer door and the fridge itself.

Now, LG has taken that concept a step farther and created a fridge door-ception. Now, you can open outer fridge doors to get to the things you use the most and a set of inner doors, which also have storage space, will stay closed to keep that cold air in and your energy cost down.

And instead of having three doors like the French door concept, the LG Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity fridge has double doors on both sides. Unfortunately, this means sacrificing the water dispenser for an extra storage door.

You can see below that when the two outer doors are open, there are still doors in place to keep the cold air in the main body of the fridge. There's no word yet on when this fridge will be available or how much it will cost.


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Source: Daily Mail
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