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Netflix cracks down on a popular tactic

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming video subscriptions in the world, with over 50 million global customers. But, not every Netflix subscription is created equal. Netflix's catalog of available films and shows changes depending on the country you live in.

Now, the streaming service is cracking down on users who are trying to access content from other countries using a popular but devious trick.

Some Netflix users have found that they can access Netflix content from other countries using VPNs or proxies. Those are tools I've told you about before that can disguise your physical location and protect your information by routing your activity through a series of secure servers or a private network located somewhere else. Basically, this tricks Netflix into thinking the user is in another country and lets them log in to that country's Netflix catalog

This fake-out isn't hard to pull off and it's driving movie studios nuts. Netflix negotiates specific contracts with the studios, and they don't like it when you're watching movies they haven't licensed in your country. So, Netflix is now deploying tactics to block proxies, VPNs and the subscribers using them to beat the system.

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