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Look at these rich, successful people who still use flip phones

Look at these rich, successful people who still use flip phones
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

If you don't use a smartphone, you probably have to hear your friends and family go on about how "you need to get one." Or have you ever heard somebody ask, "How do you survive without a smartphone?"

Next time that happens, just mention that each of these insanely successful people still trusts that handy old flip phone. And at least you're not using a rotary phone!

These celebrities, CEOs and famous athletes could be using these old phones for privacy reasons or it could be for usability and functionality. Either way, with the way people are being hacked these days, they've got the right idea.

  1. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones uses a flip phone.
  2. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour uses a flip phone.
  3. CEO of Blackstone Group uses a Nokia 6350.
  4. Model Kate Beckinsale uses a Verizon LG flip phone.
  5. Actress Scarlett Johansson uses a flip phone too, especially after she was involved in an email hacking scandal.
  6. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck uses a Samsung flip phone.
  7. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio used a Samsung flip phone while campaigning last year.
  8. University of Memphis basketball head coach Josh Pastner used a Samsung flip phone until he ran out of space for his contacts.
  9. Rocker Iggy Pop uses a "Rugby," an older flip phone because it "won't break."
  10. New York senator Chuck Schumer uses a variety of LG flip phones.
  11. Singer Rihanna was spotted using a T-Mobile flip phone back in November 2014.
  12. Billionaire tycoon Warren Buffett uses the Nokia flip phone "Alexander Graham Bell gave me."
  13. President Obama uses a BlackBerry. He has said publicly that he's not allowed to use iPhones for security reasons.
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