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Apple sued over scammy 16 GB iPhones

Apple sued over scammy 16 GB iPhones
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Apple is getting sued. This time, though, it's not for funky e-book pricing. It's actually for the yearly updates that the company makes to its smartphones.

The people behind the lawsuit allege that 16GB iPhones don't have enough storage to properly fit iOS 8's hefty file size.

iOS 8 is feature-packed, but it comes with a file size that restricts many uses from using all of their files. One of the big negatives of buying an iPhone is the fact that you can't upgrade their onboard storage.

Android phones let you insert memory expansion cards that are available relatively cheaply.

You know what? The people behind this lawsuit might be right. iOS 8 takes up 23.1% of a 16GB iPhone's total storage.

They accuse Apple of trying to sell its customers on cloud storage by artificially increasing the total file size of iOS 8.

Apple's cloud storage system isn't cheap. Buying a new phone isn't cheap either. Expanding an Android phone's storage is cheap, but Apple doesn't let its users do that.

I like iPhones, but I've also been covering the tech world for long enough to know that someone buying a Mac computer always knew that they weren't buying a Mac for its customizability.

I don't expect iPhones to add a slot for memory expansion in the future, but I do expect these top tech trends. Check them all out in this helpful tip.

Well, what do you think? Are iPhones shady? Leave me a comment.

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