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2015 could be 'disastrous' for Google

2015 could be 'disastrous' for Google

Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are joining forces to take on a common enemy. That enemy was built on a promise to "not be evil." That's right, the three biggest tech giants are taking on Google.

Following the company's explosive growth over the past 10 years, it looks like all of the other heavy-hitters in the tech world are setting their sights on Google.

You may remember that even I weighed in on the Mac/PC war of the '90s, but even those two companies are setting their differences aside. Google offered solid search options when it launched with its "don't be evil campaign," but it looks like the company is putting its fingers in every single tech pie.

That — paired with some uncertain staffing changes — might be why the tech industry has turned against Google.

Want proof of some of the moves that the heavy hitters in tech have made against Google? Here's a small sample.

  • Microsoft invested $15 billion in Facebook in 2007.
  • Apple's voice assistant, Siri, is powered by Microsoft. Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant, was "taught" by queries made through Siri.
  • Apple has never asked for a piece of the ad revenue that Facebook earns from its iOS app.

More of these hints and minor attempts to chip away at Google's control over the tech world are out there. That, paired with the fact that Google's CEO, Larry Page, just stepped away from his leading role at the company leads me to believe that 2015 could be a real mess for Google.

Not only that, but you can check out another news tidbit that proves that even BMW is trying to compete with Google.

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