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Exaggerating on Facebook is making you paranoid

Exaggerating on Facebook is making you paranoid
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If you've ever thought that some of your friends' Facebook posts might be a little (or more than a little) exaggerated, then you might be right. A new study paid for by another social networking site, Pencourage, revealed that many social media users feel ashamed of the lies they tell on social media.

In fact, exaggerating how great your life is on Facebook has created an entirely new psychological disorder. The disorder's name? Digital amnesia.

68% of all respondents to the survey claimed to "embellish, exaggerate or outright lie when documenting events on social media."

These lies, according to the study, can actually "rewrite" the memories that people have of certain events. The airbrushed future that people publish in social media actually becomes their reality.

Nearly half of the survey's respondents admitted feeling "paranoia, sadness or shame" about the lies that they tell on social media sites. As a mom with a 13-year-old son, I have to say that this stuff worries me.

My son has a Facebook account and I make sure that he tries to only post safe and honest information. If my son were ever to be afflicted with the "digital amnesia" that affected 16% of the teens that responded to this survey, then how would he know if he was even telling the truth?

Bonus tip: Make sure that only family and friends can see your Facebook photos

Social media is a great way to connect with your friends and family. It's also an easy place to make up lies.

When those lies become reality, well, I think everyone needs to do a little bit of soul searching.

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