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Google snatches millions from rule-breaking businesses

Google snatches millions from rule-breaking businesses
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Do you have a website? It could be anything - a website for your small business, even a blog. If you publish Google Ads on your site, you better not break the rules. That's because Google could be taking money out of your pockets if you do something wrong.

Google AdSense is the system Google uses to place ads on websites, then pay the website publisher based on engagement with the ads. I have Google ads on my site. It's a simple and effective way to make money online. In fact, it's one three great ways you can earn some extra cash - or even a living - using the Web.

Back in April, I told you how Google had been accused of taking money from AdSense customers. This is similar - but like in April, Google isn't technically doing anything wrong. It's publishers who are violating the Terms and Conditions.

When you violate Google's Terms and Conditions, it has every right to cancel your AdSense payouts, disable your account and refund advertisers any money they've paid to Google. The problem is, many publishers aren't familiar with Google's rules.

In an interview with Business Insider, a former Google employee explained how the AdSense system works:

So one thing that may not be clear here is that Google loses money too when a publisher gets banned. All money that is not paid out is in full returned to the advertiser, so Google also does not make any money.

It is also important to keep in mind that Google is the client and the publishers are the suppliers. The publishers are responsible for the quality of the traffic they are delivering to the advertisers of Google. Google AdSense is just the platform which makes this easy and possible.

If the publisher delivers traffic that can result in invalid clicks then the advertiser is paying for this. The trust of the advertisers is of utmost importance. Without this Google AdSense would not be possible at all. Ask yourself, would you want to keep paying for low quality products, such as invalid clicks?

When Google bans publishers, it actually loses money. However, some publishers claim they tried to get help from Google to comply with the Terms and Conditions, but were banned anyway.

The bottom line is, read the Terms and follow the rules. It's really easy, and Google has explained it pretty clearly. You can find an overview of the rules here.

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