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Now North Korea is threatening Obama

Now North Korea is threatening Obama
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First they hacked Sony. Then, they forced the company to cancel its Christmas Day release of Seth Rogen and James Franco's movie "The Interview" by threatening 9/11-style violence. President Obama has since called the cancellation "a mistake."

That still wasn't enough. The hackers known as #GOP or "Guardians of Peace" then demanded "The Interview" never see the light of day in any form, want all traces of the movie removed or they would release more sensitive information regarding its employees.

And guess what ... they're still not done with their demands and are now going directly after President Obama and his administration.

North Korea is saying they have "clear evidence" that Barack Obama was the real mastermind behind "The Interview" and are pledging retaliation even as the North Korean government denies it is harboring the #GOP, saying in a statement:

"The NDC of the DPRK highly estimates the righteous action taken by the "guardians of peace," though it is not aware of their residence."

Here are other noteworthy statements from the release: You can also read North Korea's full statement here. 

  • The DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] has clear evidence that the U.S. administration was deeply involved in the making of such dishonest reactionary movie.
  • It is said that the movie was conceived and produced according to the "guidelines" of the U.S. authorities who contended that such movies hurting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and inciting terrorism against it would be used in an effective way as "propaganda against north Korea."
  • The U.S. Department of State's special human rights envoy went the lengths of urging the movie makers to keep all scenes insulting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership in the movie, saying it is needed to "vex the north Korean government."
  • The DPRK has already launched the toughest counteraction. Nothing is more serious miscalculation than guessing that just a single movie production company is the target of this counteraction. Our target is all the citadels of the U.S. imperialists who earned the bitterest grudge of all Koreans."
  • "The army and people of the DPRK are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the U.S. in all war spaces including cyber warfare space to blow up those citadels."
  • "Our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the White House, the Pentagon and the whole U.S. mainland, the cesspool of terrorism, by far surpassing the "symmetric counteraction" declared by Obama."
  • Fighters for justice including "guardians of peace" who turned out in the sacred drive for cooperation in the fight against the U.S. to defend human justice and conscience and to dismember the U.S. imperialists, the root cause of all sorts of evils and kingpin of injustice, are sharpening bayonets not only in the U.S. mainland but in all other parts of the world.
  • Whoever challenges justice by toeing the line of the biggest criminal U.S. will never be able to escape merciless punishment as it is the target of the sacred drive for cooperation in the fight against the U.S.
  • The U.S. should reflect on its evil doings that put itself in such a trouble, apologize to the Koreans and other people of the world and should not dare pull up others.

The FBI hasn't issued any statements as to whether these threats are credible or something major to be concerned about. Stay tuned to what's Happening Now for all the latest as it breaks.

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Source: The Guardian
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